For complete breakdown of tuition fees, please see the course page.

Courses are 6-week long and are offered throughout the year. To view the next date, please visit the course page.

No, however, there are varieties of accommodation with close proximity to the campus. Our staffs will be glad to work with you to find a suitable accommodation if you need assistance.

We currently offer 6-weeks program in Nursing Aide/assistant and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) both of which place emphasis on equipping students with specific skills. This training enables our students to make a real contribution to nursing/medical field, enjoying the benefits of working with, and learning from, industry professionals. Information about our courses is available in our course page. You can also request a paper copy of the Prospectus.

Please see our Careers page for advice on looking for jobs and careers after completing the program.

The program's prospectus can be found online. If you would like the prospectus in an alternative format, please contact us:telephone: 832-641-9812.

The best time to visit the campus is during one of our open days, campus tours or other official events. Details of our events can be found on the home page and event page.

Maps and directions to the University are available on our website.

Yes. We have ample parking spaces for students and visitors.

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